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Double Pleated Turkish Corner Pillow

Updated: Jan 12

Double Pleated Turkish Corner Pillow

By Susan Woodcock

I recently had a request for this style of pillow and I couldn't find any instructions so I made a sample, documented the steps and I am sharing with you! Plus, the next time I am asked to make this style I can find the instructions, too!


See a video tutorial using the link below


The following instructions are for a 21-inch finished (seam-to-seam) pillow with a 22-inch 10/90 down & feather pillow insert (source Angel's Distributing, Inc.)




1.     Cut front and back 24 x 24 inches.

2.     Mark 4 inches from each corner and draw a line.

3.     Mark 1 inch at the center of one side and draw an arc shape to the corner line. 

4.     Cut on the lines and use this as a pattern to cut the rest of the pillow sides and corners.



5.     Mark the centers of each corner and mark 1-inch on each side of the center mark.

6.     Fold the corner edges to the marks, keeping the cut edges even.

7.     Bring the pleats together to make a small pleat in the center.


8.     Machine stitch across the pleats to hold them in place.


9.     Sew welt cord to the front piece.  Mark corners and pin together, making sure pleats are lined up on each side.


10.  Continue finishing the pillow.  To learn how to insert a zipper, see Susan’s Method For Zippers in Pillows on YouTube.


11.  Turn pillow right sides and out.  Shove in the corners of the pillow insert and stuff the pillow.  Make sure the pillow fills the corners.  Push the seam allowances from the front to the back on the inside.  Zip closed.



If you make a pillow following these instructions with success I would love to see a photo! Please tag me on social media on or Instagram @homedecgal. Thank you.

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