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Hand Sewn Hems for Draperies

I love the look of hand-sewn hems. Hand stitching is considered a high-end technique in the drapery-making world, not because it is technical, complex or unique, but because it is so simple. It is the simplicity of the stitch. The intimate, personal attention and care given to the materials while cradled in the sewers hands.

Hand-sewing is more expensive because it takes more time. In the drapery workroom time = money. It can't be rushed and it is worth waiting for. The stitching has a slow rhythm which means that if you order draperies with hand sewn hems your project will have extra attention, spending more time in the hands of the craftsman.

If you are making your own draperies, hand-sewn hems are inexpensive to create. You probably already have the tools and supplies you will need: needle, thread, pins and scissors or nippers. That's it!

The stitching technique is basic and easy to learn. I have created a video to teach you how!

I hope you enjoy learning how to hand sew. If you use this technique let me know what you think!

Best Wishes,


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