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Hidden Tack Pleats

Traditionally, drapery pleats are tacked by machine, or hand stitched after the pleat has been sewn vertically in the top heading. I have developed a new method where the pleat is tacked first, to the inside with machine stitching, before the vertical seam is sewn.

Drapery with hidden tack pleats

This works especially well for "two-finger" or double pleats that are formed with two folds of fabric. I find that it saves time, and has a cleaner appearance with no dimples or stitches showing. (You can adapt this method for three-finger or triple pleats, but it can be more difficult to pleat with accuracy, and might not be the best method for some projects).

See the step-by-step photos below for double Euro pleats with hidden tacks. You can download a free copy of instructions for Euro and French style pleats here: Hidden Tack Pleat Instructions

Scroll down below to view a short "method share" video of sewing hidden tack pleats which was recorded by The Workroom Channel.

I hope you will be inspired to try this new method on your drapery projects! Please share your results on facebook and please tag Home Dec Gal in your post!

Best Wishes,

Susan AKA Home Dec Gal

Step 1: Mark pleats and fold in half, right sides together. Sew a vertical stitch line 3/4 inches down from the top, and across the size needed for your pleat. See the printable instructions for more details.

Stitch on the wrong side

Step 2: Fold the heading over, right sides out and lining up the pins.

Fold over the stitching

Step 3: Sew from the top edge down to create the pleat. Often I will sew 2.5 to 3 inches down for a Euro pleat to allow for more flare, instead of to the base of the buckram like for a French pleat (or omit buckram altogether for Euro pleats).

The finished double Euro pleat with hidden tacks. No dimples or tacking points show from the front! Insert drapery pins as usual into the back seam behind the pleats.

Finished, two finger Euro pleat with hidden tacking

insert drapery pin hooks into the seam on the back

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