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Motorized Roman Shades

Motorized window treatments are not a new idea. The option to hard wire or have plug-in motors on draperies and shades has been an option for a long time but it wasn't used very often because the systems were complex and expensive. Motorization was intimidating!

In the past few years I have seen exciting advances in technology, and less-expensive battery powered options. These new products removed the fear and intimidation. I was excited to give motorization a try!

I recently ordered two Roman shade motor kits from ProDesign LLC, a wholesale supplier of draperies, shades, blinds and hardware. I supplied ProDesign with the finished shade width, number of cord spools and lift option; remote control or wand control. I ordered one of each so I would have examples of both to share with students and clients.

Roman shade using the motorized wand kit from Pro Design LLC

Front view of the Roman shade

The kits arrived ready to attach to the board with easy-to-install brackets. All I had to do was mount the system, attach the shade cord to the spools, and charge the batteries. ProDesign provided simple instructions for programing the systems, and for how to set shade limits for the up, and down positions. Really... it was easy. If I can do it, so can too!

Check out these two short videos showing my sample shades with both systems.

I hope you will give motorization a try!

Best Wishes,

Susan AKA Home Dec Gal

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