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My New Book is Now Available!


I am happy to share that my new book Singer(R) Sewing Custom Curtains, Shades and Top Treatments is now available. The book includes both beginner and more advanced techniques for designing and creating custom window treatments. My hope is that the book is encouraging, and readers will feel confident and inspired as they plan and sew the different styles of curtains, shades and top treatments for clients, or their own homes.

Book cover

The response has been fantastic, and the sales surprised the publisher. In fact, it sold so well on the first day of the book launch that the publisher had to override the website page to accept more orders!

Customer Reviews:

"This is is a wonderful book to have, It is easy to follow it is modern and up to date with industry standards .A great book for beginners and for your workroom or classroom". -Helen G

"The bright spot in the weekend has been reading through Susan's book! What a great job she has done writing a book that is great for those new to making Window Treatments as well as those of us in the industry that are creating Window Treatments all of the time. The pictures and step by step instructions are really well done!".

-Leisha S

How to Order

If you would like to order a copy, use the link below and as a special "thank you" for visiting my website, use promotion code CURTAIN40 to receive 40% off. (This offer is good until December 31, 2016). Click here to purchase here from QuartoKnows You can also find the book on Amazon (printed or Kindle version) or other online booksellers.

Thank you and I hope you enjoy the book!

Best Wishes,

Susan AKA HomeDecGal

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