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Introducing a NEW Blackout Roman Shade Method!

Updated: Jan 11, 2020

This is my 30th year as a workroom professional and you would think I have seen it all, learned it all and tried it all! Well, there's always something new to learn. I have discovered that one of the best ways to learn is to teach. When I am teaching, there has to be a reason for every step of the process. When a student asks "why are you doing it like that?", I have to stop, think and reply. I might say... "because it will drape better", "because it will be more stable", or "because it will make it easier to sew". But sometimes I will say, "because that's the way Mom always did it"!

Teaching has given me the opportunity to research and try many different methods. I want answers to "why", and I want to share the latest materials, supplies and trends with people who want to learn and grow in their workroom businesses.

Buckram fold blackout shade with interlining

Creating new and improved methods is an exciting process. A few years ago I created a "no pinholes of light" method for Roman shades. It's been a good method that many workroom owners have used, and adapted to their own shade fabrication. Recently, I had another idea What if... (my favorite question for learning), what if buckram was used instead of ribs for a Roman shade? My first thought was to include buckram in long, vertical strips so that the shade could have memory, (like when you "break the buckram" between pleats on a drapery) and the buckram would fold like an accordion. My first sample worked, but the creases were too pronounced, and the shade required extra weight to fall flat when lowered down.

My next experiment was to try buckram horizontally, like ribs, to assist the folds. That method was a winner and a new blackout Roman shade method was born! Because it's blackout lined, I also incorporated steps to eliminate pinholes of light. A win-win! I have tried this successfully for shades with blackout lining only, and blackout with interlining.

making a buckram fold Roman shade

I am adding this method to my hands-on classes at Workroom Tech, so that students can learn new techniques alongside tried-and-true traditional shade making methods. I am also sharing it here, so that you can add this method to your shade making repertoire. Scroll down for a recorded webinar on my Youtube channel and pdf downloads that you can print and follow.

Buckram Fold Blackout Roman Shade

The webinar and how to instructions are free. Scroll down to find the links below. In exchange, please support my education programs and businesses by subscribing to my Youtube channel, Facebook and Instagram accounts. If you try this method and like it, please share your results online and link back to Home Dec Gal or Workroom Tech. I will look for your shade projects online, and share with my followers, too! The how-to instructions are below....

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Learn how to make Roman shades with this new method! Links to download the how-to instructions and videos are below.

1) Instructions for Buckram-Fold Blackout Lined Roman Shade with ladder tape

Here is a short time-lapse video of this project

2) Instructions for the Buckram-Fold Blackout Lined and Interlined Roman shade with Safe-T-Shade Rings and RingLocks Click here: Buckram-Fold Blackout, Interlined Roman Shade instructions

Buckram Fold Blackout shade with interlining

Click the image below to view a 30-minute how-to webinar with Susan Woodcock

If you make a Buckram-Fold, Blackout Roman Shade using my method, I hope you will share your results and ideas. Thank you for joining me on this education journey, where we strengthen the industry by supporting each other through learning, respect and friendship.

Best Wishes,

Susan AKA Home Dec Gal

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