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Buckram Fold Shade: with Lining and Interlining and Transparent Buckram

Did you see the Buckram-Fold Blackout shade method that I shared in July?

It's been a huge success for the workroom owners who have tried it for their own projects. The more I make buckram-fold Roman shades, the faster and easier it goes. It's my new favorite shade method!

If you missed it, here is a link to the how-to instructions and video: Buckram-Fold Blackout Shade

But not all shades are blackout lined. You can create a buckram-fold shade with sateen lining and interlining, if using translucent buckram. It works great! The sewing steps are a little different (and easier) than the method I shared for a buckram-fold blackout shade. You can find the how-to instructions below.

making a buckram fold roman shade

The buckram provides stability to the folds without looking stiff or bulky. In fact, when light shines through a shade made with lining, interlining and translucent buckram, you can't see anything at all! I recommend the transparent buckram from dofix No Sew. It's a lightweight, sheer woven buckram with adhesive on both sides. The rest of the shade can be constructed using your favorite supplies. and headrail lift system.

buckram fold lined and interlined shade

The how-to instructions for a lined and interlined buckram-fold Roman shade are free for you to download below. In return, I ask that you support my businesses by liking and following on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

back side of the buckram fold Roman shade

Are you ready to try the buckram-fold method? I think you will be very pleased with the results! You can view the 15 minute webinar below and follow along by downloading the step-by-step instructions here: Lined & Interlined Buckram-Fold Roman Shade

If you give the blackout, or lined and interlined buckram-fold Roman shade method a try, please let me know! If you share on social media please tag me so I can share your work with my followers, too.

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