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Pillow Flange with Cutouts

Pillows with a small, flat flange detail are very popular, and a pretty option instead of using welt cord. A pillow flange is created by inserting a flat, finished strip of fabric into the seam. The flange can stop-and-start at the corners, or be sewn together and mitered where the corners meet.

I've created another option for flange pillows; a bow tie detail! This is made by creating a cutouts in the flange, which is placed at each corner and hand stitched. See this video for a quick lesson:

You can view the how-to instructions below which were published in Bespoke Soft Furnishings Magazine. If you make a pillow using this tutorial, please share! I would love to see your pillow creations.

Click below to view:

Magazine article by Susan Woodcock for Pillow Flange with Cutouts

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