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Pleated Drapery with Attached Valance

Draperies are more popular than ever. This style stays on-trend by combining a Euro pleated drapery with an attached valance.

Drapery with attached valance on decorative hardware

Proportions depend on your window. Generally the valance should be about 1/5th the length of the drapery. But it's custom! A scale drawing will help you to decide what the length of the valance should be.

The valance can be made for a matching, or contrast fabric. Imagine two colors, or a sheer valance over a solid linen or silk drapery. The valance can be outlined with welt cord as shown here, or you could add an inset tape, or fringe.

Feeling creative? The valance can be shaped to create an angled bottom edge which would be gorgeous on a pair of draperies! I would suggest adding a contrast lining if cutting on an angle (like a cascade or jabot), because the reverse side may show.

To reduce bulk, the valance can be lined in a different fashion than the drapery. For example; if the drapery has blackout lining the valance would not require blackout.

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